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Monday, 29 November 2010

Blog Awards

Hi all,

Hope you had a lovely weekend and you were wrapped up warm inside :) Just a quick post to say that I received a Blog Award from both Sally and Nicci, which I am thrilled to receive - thanks ladies. Okay, I've been rather naughty and have received Sally's for quite sometime, but
haven't done anything about it as one, it came at the beginning of October which is a busy time for me and the Stampin' Up! year and two, I have to reveal seven things about myself! For Nicci's it's not so bad, I only have to reveal three things about myself, so perhaps you'll forgive me for combining the two? :D

Blog Award One - from Sally

Blog Award Two - from Nicci

Okay, so I'll combine the two Blog Award rules together and will reveal seven things about me:

1) I eat crisps with chopsticks when I'm crafting so that I don't get greasy fingers!

2) My favourite colour is pale blue.

3) I am very competitive when it comes to playing games.

4) My dream country to visit is New Zealand.

5) I enjoy watching medical tv dramas.

6) I love the smell of Yankee Candles - Clean Cotton.

7) I love Cadbury's hot chocolate when it's cold outside.

Hope you've enjoyed reading a few things about me :) Now for the hard part, sending on these Blog Awards to seven people:

In no particular order, I would like to pass on the Blog Awards to:

1) Aimes
2) Steph
3) Amanda
4) Aimes, Caryn & Kate
5) Sarah
6) Caryn
7) Sara

Thanks for stopping by, check out the blogs above and see you soon.



  1. Awww, thanks Alex - not one but TWO awards - cool! I love your factoids too - Clean Cotton is also my favourite Yankee Candle - in fact it is burning on my desk as I write!!

    I will try to get them posted and passed on as soon as I get a minute!!

    Caryn xxx

  2. Thanks so much, Alex!!!! I'll count this as two awards too seeing as Caryn is LOL!
    Love the tip about eating crisps whilst crafting! I'll have to try that one myself (or stop eating crisps!)

  3. Love the crisps and chopsticks idea Alex! I'm useless with chopsticks at the best of times so I don't know how I'd get on with crisps lol! x

  4. LOL eating crisps with chopsticks - that's so funny Alex! Love your facts, very well deserved awards & thank you so much for passing them on to me - you're a superstar honey :D XOXO

  5. Ha ha ha, love the chopsticks idea only trouble is it's only crafting that keeps me from snacking so much. Think your idea may torpedo that one!

    Thanks for passing the award to me. I'm working away this week but I'll try to catch up and play along as soon as I can.

    Sara xx


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