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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Boo Bear...

Hello all,

I was hoping to post my Boo Bear card this morning, but according to some early email messages, a few still haven't received it, despite posting them out on Saturday! Apparently, up north, they've had more snow last night, so that's why poor Boo Bear is being delayed! So, out of the six of us, three of us have Boo Bear cards. The remaining three will hopefully receive him/her soon. Oops, a hint *wink wink* I turned my Boo Bear into a girl :) I'll wait till I hear more news from the remaining recipients before I post mine here.

Until then...



  1. Hope the Boo Bears are all wrapped up warm....

  2. Alex, this Boo bear suspense is killing me....I can't wait to see your card.



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